Maximum safety

Is laser eye surgery perfectly safe?

Based on the PRK, LASIK and IntraLASIK surgeries we have performed so far, we can pronounce that we have never made the vision of our patients worse, so we can say that our interventions are perfectly safe.
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What results can be expected after the laser surgery?

There are hardly any medical interventions where the outcome could be predicted so precisely than that of laser vision correction procedures. Based on our eight-year experience, tens of thousands of successful treatments and worldwide statistical figures, it can be safely said that laser surgery is successful, even severe refractive errors can be cured or significantly improved.
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Is the laser corrected vision a permanent improvement?

The laser makes a very subtle change in the surface, or with LASIK or IntraLASIK, under the surface layer of the cornea. The "repair cells" of the cornea sense this change and try to recreate the original state. This is primarily true for surface (PRK) , because surface repair cells are more active.
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Preparing for the laser vision correction treatment

We collected those important information you have to consider when you prepare yourself for the laser correction, or for chosing of the proper time for it.
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