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Is laser eye surgery perfectly safe?

Based on the PRK, LASIK and VISUMAX surgeries we have performed so far, we can pronounce that we have never made the vision of our patients worse, so we can say that our interventions are perfectly safe.

Traditional LASIK surgeries may very rarely have complications which may worsen vision, that is why we have decided to introduce the perfectly safe VISUMAX.

The detailed eye exam, both before and during the intervention, includes several control methods which essentially eliminate human error. Computer-guided lasers are physically incapable of any error.

What results can be expected after the laser surgery?

There are hardly any medical interventions where the outcome could be predicted so precisely than that of laser vision correction procedures. Based on our eight-year experience, tens of thousands of successful treatments and worldwide statistical figures, it can be safely said that laser surgery is successful, even severe refractive errors can be cured or significantly improved.

All patients have a clearer vision after the laser surgeries than before.

We have found so far that all of the patients who were screened for other disorders affecting the outcome of the surgery during the preliminary examinations, who regularly came for checkups and followed our advices, are satisfied with the outcome of the laser surgery. All of our future patients may find this out for themselves, as at the time of their exams, many patients will come for checkups. Our patients already past the surgery are always happy to share their experiences with those preparing for the intervention.

You will be able to enjoy the better vision right after the treatment.

Is the laser corrected vision a permanent improvement?

The laser makes a very subtle change in the surface, or with LASIK or VISUMAX, under the surface layer of the cornea. The “repair cells” of the cornea sense this change and try to recreate the original state. This is primarily true for surface (PRK) surgeries, because surface repair cells are more active.

After IntraLASIK interventions, this activity is low. That is why PRK surgeries require a 12-month checkup period, in which the activity of repair cells is decreased by eye drops, whereas IntraLASIK requires a much shorter checkup period. That is also why VISUMAX is recommended for refractive errors above 4 diopters, because in order to maintain the outcome of the surgery, a low repair cell activity is essential.

In both cases though, after the recovery period, repair cells accept the change and begin to guard this new cornea shape against external effects, which is now responsible for the clear vision. After this period, vision clarity does not change and the achieved outcome lasts a lifetime.

We would like to point out that no laser vision correction procedure will prevent the aging of the eye, so even lasertreated patients will need to use reading glasses as they age. Distance vision, however, will remain clear after the recovery period.

The vision improvement is permanent; vision does not deteriorate, not even after decades.
The vision improvement is permanent; vision does not deteriorate, not even after decades.

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