New dimensions in vision

FEMTO HD treatment: razor sharp vision!

The most recent treatment profile, developed by the rightfully world-renowned Carl Zeiss Meditec for the MEL80 laser equipment used in FEMTO HD treatment, offers the best treatment results yet.
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Focus Medical uses the unique FEMTO technology

The most recent breakthrough in laser eye surgery, the FEMTO technology is only used by Focus Medical in Hungary. This correction procedure requires state of the art laser technology in which we have invested heavily, used only by our institution in Central-Eastern Europe
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What are the steps of laser vision correction surgery?

The eye is carefully examined and tested for any medical contraindications.
At the end of the examination, the patient receives a detailed report of the outcome he or she may expect, based on our previous experiences. We only begin the treatment if we are sure that the patient will be satisfied with the final result. An integral part of the examination phase is a consultation with one of our Ophthalmologists, where all of your questions are answered in detail.
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What happens during the laser surgery?

Light rays going through the human cornea (the front surface of the eye) must be precisely projected on the retina in order for sharp images to be created of distant objects.

What is the difference between vision correction surgeries?

Laser is used in three procedures worldwide to change the refraction of the cornea, that is, to achieve permanently clear vision.
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