Preparing for the laser vision correction treatment

  • You may have breakfast before the examination, please do not come to the exam fasting.
  • Ladies are kindly asked not to wear makeup.
  • For safety reasons, the most important part of the eligibility examination is repeated, then anesthetic eye drops are administered on the cornea.
  • About two hours will pass from your arrival until you leave the clinic, but the treatment itself takes no more than 8 to 10 minutes.
  • You will experience that your vision has improved right after the laser correction, you will not need your glasses any more, but it takes a few more days for vision clarity to stabilize.
  • Please ask someone to come along to the treatment. Your vision will be clear after the treatment, but not clear enough to drive a car. Another person being present will give you a sense of safety.
  • After PRK surgeries, protective contact lenses are placed on the eyes, which will be removed at checkups; you will not have to do anything about them.
  • After VISUMAX, you will be given a pair of special transparent protective glasses for a day, which will not allow you to touch the treatment area intentionally or accidentally.
  • 1 or 2 days of home rest are suggested after VISUMAX, and 4-6 days of home rest are recommended after PRK.
  • The eyes must be protected from UV radiation with sunglasses with 100% UV protection for 1-2 months after IntraLASIK, and for 6 months after PRK.
  • Some checkups will be required, and you will have to use eye drops for the outcome of the laser correction to last.
  • VISUMAX requires less checkups and less frequent use of eye drops for a shorter period, than PRK
  • If you are coming from outside of Budapest and would like to spend the night at a Budapest hotel, we are pleased to help with a discounted room reservation at the Thermal Hotel on Margaret Island.

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