About us

Focus Medical Ophthalmic Microsurgery and Laser Center has provided surgical interventions for eye problems since 1990. Thousands of people have regained the experience of glasses-free clear vision at our center, and our eyeglass-wearing customers have left tens of thousands of diopters behind at our clinic. We have witnessed a lot of happiness and we feel we have been able to really add something to our patients' success.

Besides having brought vision correction microsurgery to Hungary, we have been working on making up-to-date procedures available to our customers. First, we did strabismus and cataract surgeries, then in 1996, we introduced the PRK excimer laser vision correction procedure, and in 1998, the LASIK procedure.

In March, 2006, we began using the most recent technology available in the world, which enables patients to see more clearly after the laser surgery than with the glasses or contact lenses they had worn before. The reason such outstanding results can be achieved is the individually customzed treatments with our wavefront analysis technology and the latest generation of laser equipment.

We use the known PRK procedure and also the improved version of LASIK for wavefront-analysis-based laser interventions. Focus Medical is the only clinic in Hungary, which has the laser technology required for this procedure. We use two special laser devices for IntraLASIK - we really do achieve individually customized perfect vision without the touch of human hands.

IntraLASIK is recommended for people who cannot skip more than 1 or 2 days from work; who want to drive or exercise 1 or 2 days after the surgery; who want painless post-operative days after a painless surgery.

Let me invite you for a virtual tour at Focus Medical, where patients are served without long waiting, in a pleasant environment and with state-of-the-art technology.

We hope the information and the description of procedures at this website answers your questions and we will see you soon at our clinic on the picturesque Margaret Island.

István Ferincz
managing director

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