Making an appointment for the eligibility eye exam

You can make an appointment exam by

We can usually offer you an appointment for the preoperative detailed eligibility eye within three days, for the morning, the afternoon or Saturday, as you prefer.

Before you make an appointment, please read the part "Preparing for the eligibility eye exam", where all the important information is gathered you will need to consider when making an appointment.

The result of the exam is valid for 3 months, so the surgery may be performed any time within the next 3 months, but afterwards, the results of the exam become outdated, and in the case of a later vision correction intervention, it must be repeated.

Patients coming to an exam always have a chance to talk to patients already past the vision correction surgery coming for checkups. Our treated patients are happy to share their experiences with patients only preparing for the surgery; we are happy to help with introductions and launching conversations.
There are patients who would like to meet patients who underwent the PRK procedure and patients who choose IntraLASIK before they make a decision.
We encourage this information exchange at our monthly tea parties called FOCUS CLUB. Participation at these tea parties has no obligations and is of course free.
Please let us know at your exam if you wish to participate at one of the FOCUS CLUB meetings, you are kindly welcome.

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