What is the difference between vision correction surgeries?

Laser is used in three procedures worldwide to change the refraction of the cornea, that is, to achieve permanently clear vision:

PRK - the completely safe procedure

Laser is used directly on the surface of the cornea. PRK vision correction surgery is recommended for refractive errors of under minus 4 diopters.

Its advantage is that it is exceedingly safe and its outcomes are outstanding.
Its disadvantage is that the first three postoperative days are quite uncomfortable, sometimes even painful. Returning to work takes 4-8 days.

LASIK - the comfortable procedure

Laser is used in the completely insensitive layers under the surface of the cornea to correct vision. In order to do so, these layers must be accessed. In the traditional LASIK procedure, a mechanical tool, the so-called microkeratome is used to cut a protective flap in the cornea to get to the insensitive layers.

The advantage of the traditional LASIK intervention is that not only the surgery, but the postoperative stage is also free of any severe discomfort or pain. Vision stabilizes fast, so returning to work is feasible within 1 or 2 days.

Its – rare – disadvantage is that the flap created with the mechanical microkeratome may have complications.

VISUMAX - the safe and comfortable procedure

Its safety comes from a technological novelty not used in the traditional LASIK procedure, which is that the protective flap is not cut by human hand or a mechanical tool, but a computer-controlled special femtosecond laser equipment. The cutting of the protective flap is planned by a computer and performed with the amazing accuracy of the laser, with a precision of one thousandth of a millimeter.

The computer plans the ideal protective flap for every patient individually, and a special laser is used to create this ideal flap, which fits perfectly when folded back and is secured extremely fast and permanently.

Advantages of VISUMAX:

  • complete safety
  • complete painlessness
  • extremely fast results

Following the laser vision correction, VISUMAX is free of all the potential complications which cause the number of traditional LASIK interventions to drop worldwide.

VISUMAX has many advantages over the traditional LASIK, the most important being safety. The complete painlessness and the extremely fast recovery result from the possibility to plan the surgery and the incredible accuracy of the intervention. This procedure guarantees outstanding result even with errors of larger diopters.

No disadvantage is known either abroad or in Hungary, so VISUMAX is replacing traditional LASIK worldwide. Most of the patients of our clinic choose VISUMAX.

VISUMAX is a SAFE and COMFORTABLE intervention, with none of the complications of the traditional LASIK procedure.

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