VISUMAX HD treatment

Why HD?

High Definition = razor sharp vision

The most recent treatment profile, developed by the rightfully world-renowned Carl Zeiss Meditec for the MEL80 laser equipment used in VISUMAX HD treatment, offers the best treatment results yet. Not only does it consider wavefront analysis, but also topographical measurements and it corrects the slightest deviations and implements the best suited correction for the physiology of vision.

The results achieved speak for themselves; there have been cases of 200% (!) vision. This degree of improvement is like watching a new HD television instead of the old TV.

Who is eligible?

Essentially everyone who is eligible for VISUMAX treatment and whose dioptria is between +4 and -7.

To whom is it recommended?

Primarily to those over the age of 40, whose eye adaptability is reduced, and patients over the age of 50, who suffer from presbyopia but are not eligible for treatment with reading glasses, may also benefit from the new type of treatment. These patients may enjoy not only sharp far vision, but a smaller degree of improvement in their near vision, particularly the distance to a monitor.

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