VISUMAX: Perfect visual experience

VisuMax, the most advanced laser device for sight correction has arrived.
VISUMAX treatments now at introductory prices!

VISUMAX: the most recent generation of sight correction devices

Focus Medical has always taken the lead in introducing the most recent developments in laser eye surgery. Almost 15 years ago, they were the first to introduce the FEMTO surgery in our country, replacing the outdated complicated LASIK technique. Over the past years, all the other major clinics have been following the path opened up by Focus Medical in applying the FEMTO surgery.

The next step of development is theVISUMAX treatment. As the most novel laser device of the German Zeiss company, VisuMax allows the most gentle and safest treatment currently available, which is faster and more accurate than prior laser treatments and naturally, is painless.

Why is VISUMAX better than the conventional FEMTO treatment?

It is three times more accurate, eight times faster and incomparably more gentle.

Namely, the laser device performs the first steps for the correction of refractive errors without changing the curvature of the cornea; instead, it follows the natural arch of the cornea with such precision that earlier lasers where not capable of.

The low energy laser releases 520,000 laser pulses per second compared to the 60,000 pulses used during FEMTO procedures. With VisuMax, the overall treatment time decreases to two thirds of any prior treatment, since not only the laser running times are shorter but also the preparatory steps.

VisuMax can also help people who have not been eligible for laser treatment so far.

This laser is so precise and gentle that anyone who was earlier not eligible for painless two-laser eye treatment due to the risk of increased eye pressure may now benefit from a perfect sight experience.

To whom are VISUMAX laser treatments recommended?

They can be recommended to almost anyone who struggles with nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism or presbyopia (wears glasses for reading) that can be corrected with glasses or contact lenses. Compared with earlier therapies, VISUMAX treatments (VISUMAX,
) make available laser eye surgeries for more people; however, these treatments are also preceded by thorough medical evaluation for eligibility.

The most advanced VISUMAX laser treatments, at discount prices now.

VISUMAX, like all high technologies, is expensive. The German Zeiss company wants to promote this type of laser eye surgery in Hungary, too. Currently, it provides access to more than 1000 surgeries at discount prices. Therefore, VISUMAX treatments are available now with significant price advantages and with a medical warranty.

Our prices apply to one eyeList priceCurrent discount price
VISUMAX treatment based on wavefront measurement1.129 Euro932,2 Euro
VISUMAX HD treatment based on wavefront and topographic analyses1.290,3 Euro1.061,2 Euro
VISUMAX LBV “reading glasses” treatment (PRESBYOND)1.415,6 Euro1.158 Euro

Please note that prices for EU patients are based on Hungarian prices in HUF and subject to change. Calculated with: 310,-HUF/EUR

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